Case Younger has grown tired of fighting and wants nothing more than to leave the anger-fueled days of his past behind. But that all changes when someone hijacks a routine flight from Athens to Philadelphia, killing Case’s friend and thrusting him back into the deadly world he’s worked so hard to escape. To avoid the media frenzy that follows, Case returns home to the quiet seclusion of Pikesville, Virginia. Home, however, isn’t quite as idyllic as he remembers. As Case struggles to repair the fractured relationships he left behind, he runs afoul of an old rival whose band of drug-dealing thugs may be behind a string of recent kidnappings, but someone is protecting them. Not knowing who to trust, Case embarks on a brutal mission to save his town and the people he loves. But will his plan succeed, or will the rage that plagued his past reemerge and sabotage everything he’s worked so hard to protect?

What people are saying about Homecoming

“Gary Quesenberry's debut Homecoming is a thriller reminiscent of Taylor Moore's Garret Kohl series and Ryan Steck's Matthew Redd saga. Packed with action and heart, it kicks off at a fast pace and maintains its tempo through a dramatic conclusion. Quesenberry's experience as a retired Air Marshal resonates and brings an authenticity to his writing only a former practitioner can offer. In Homecoming he touches upon the all-to-real domestic threat of drug and human trafficking, and how one man struggling with own demons will risk everything to protect those he loves. Timely and thoroughly enjoyable. Gary Quesenberry is one to watch.”
Delbert Roll - MAJ (Ret), United States Army, CIA Operations Officer (Retired)

“In the action-packed thriller Homecoming” by Gary Quesenberry, adrenaline meets intrigue in a high-stakes battle of good versus evil. When former Air Marshal Case Younger returns to his hometown, seeking to reconnect with family and friends, he uncovers a sinister plot that threatens not only his loved ones but also the entire community. With time running out, Case must rely on his combat skills and resourcefulness to unravel the conspiracy and confront a formidable adversary.
As the action intensifies, alliances are tested, an old rivalry resumes, and loyalties are questioned. Case races against the clock with every twist and turn, determined to save those he holds dear and bring justice to those who seek to destroy everything he holds sacred.
Homecoming is a gripping pulse-pounding rollercoaster ride of danger and suspense, where every moment counts, and every decision could mean life or death.”
Alan C. Mack, author of Razor 03, A Night Stalker’s Wars

“A real page-turner for first time novelist Gary Quesenberry. Homecoming is a riveting story with exceptional character development. Case Younger's demons of anger and guilt fuel his desire to be a better man and to protect his hometown, a worthy challenge even for a former Federal Ari Marshal. I found myself rooting for Case, and you will, too!”
Liz Lazarus, author of Free of Malice, Plea for Justice and Shades of Silence

“Sharp, gripping, and highly entertaining. Quesenberry navigates the story like a pro.”
Jeff Clark, author of Hear These Truths: The ultimate guide to building your leadership algorithm